This is what we strive for in every Woodencycle we make. To let you be the center of a good conversation.

Woodencycle is handcrafted by talented village artisans who put their hearts into completing each unique piece. It can take them more than one month to complete one Woodencycle by hand.

We design Woodencycle to be strong for everyday use yet beautiful to be showcased in the livingroom. Each Woodencycle is reinforced with a steel frame inside, it is rugged for every terrain. We cover the steel frame with old teakwood--only teakwood older than 50-years old are chosen.


The whole process of detailed cutting and carving are meticulously done on the teakwood until it is ready to become a full frame. The frame is then sprayed with lacquer and protective coating for weather resistance. Now Woodencycle is ready to be enjoyed. We hope you will have a chance to appreciate it.

Using only 50-years old Teakwood
Woodencycle Handcarving
Woodencycle Sanding
Woodencycle Her
Woodencycle Sam
Woodencycle Curved
Woodencycle Electric with Flykly
Woodencycle Milan